"It is very important for our children that we show them through our actions how important our health is. We have adopted this healthy lifestyle through Vitality as a part of our weekly routine so that it becomes second nature to us." Justin M.
"The Vitality program does not take a lot of time and the rewards are tremendous. Once you get in the habit of keeping track of activities, it is easy!" Donna U.
"Vitality has helped me sustain my personal program and maintain consistency in my efforts. It motivates me even when I'm down with a bug or something to get right back into the good habits as soon as possible." Carol H.
"Once you begin the program, it becomes a habit and now is the time to pick up good habits that will carry you through your life." Doretta S.
"Since joining Vitality I've lost 10 lbs and 3" by engaging in weight training and I adjusted my eating habits." Willie C.
"The best part is the ability to see the change in your "Vitality Age" as you improve your fitness." Kathy I.
"The Vitality program has allowed me to be more consistent with my exercise plan. I no longer exercise only when I have time." Paul H.
"I think that it's important to keep active as we age. We should try and utilize this valuable tool and program that is offered to us." Denise F.
"I already worked out regularly... why not earn points for it? I really appreciate working for a company that recognizes the benefits of exercise and rewards its employees through a health incentive program like Vitality." Katie L.